Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gearing Up to Spring into Shape!

Nothing worth anything is easy. Thanks to the curse everything takes sweat and hard work! I am resigning myself to working hard to get back into shape! I am admitting to you all that I am not in the shape I was and we need each other to reach our goals.

In order to be ready to start our challenge on Monday, you should click here to learn how to measure. Write your measurements down on your points sheet. Don't agonize over them, but pray over them and know they will change! Believe they will change! 

If you don't have a HEP, also peruse this blog for ideas. My HEP is NO WHITES and more Greens! That simple! Also, I found it so helpful to take a free day. 

My coworker sent me this video this morning! So true! We just drag our feet to exercise. Maybe, it will make you laugh and get us all moving. If you still aren't sure where to start, there are several blogs and videos posted on the side panel here. 

Can't wait to see us rock it and be fit and in shape by May!

Springing with ya,


PS. Don’t forget to introduce yourself on our facebook page. If you’re not invited, let me know here in the comments. 

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