Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crunch in...pain

I´m doing 20 min. of sweating kind of exercise Mon. thru Friday. Yesterday I decided to try a new free video I´d found on the Internet. Well, this a.m., I could hardly walk because of the cramps in my upper legs which have gotten worse as the day wears on. I had to go to a church activity this a.m., and everyone was so kind, asking what is wrong? How to tell them I´m just exercising and got too excited about getting my point for the day :)? I am in serious pain, but hope to see a smaller number tomorrow on the scale! Yesssss! Think I´ll go back to my 20 min. sweating video tomorrow.


Jill said...

Make sure you stretch. It's an absolute MUST, not just before and after you exercise, but every single day. It will go a long way towards easing the soreness!

Dani Joy said...

Joy, When I started Jillian, I couldn´t sit down. I hurt so badly all over for several days. I kept at it little at a time. till I could do the whole thing with no cheeties.

Do take it easy. Espcially on the knees.

You can do it in Christ!
Dani Joy