Friday, November 6, 2009

Awful Day!

Yesterday I was infomed that my boys school needed an 18 x 24 cake for an event tonight. I volunteered to bring one. I had no idea the chaos it would wreck on my day. I started out with my healthy breakfast and the first part of decorating the cake, then 30 min of stretching/strength training. After that things went downhill FAST! I ended up having to go to the store because one of my kids ate part of one of the other cakes and I had to buy one. Since it was after lunchtime and I had yet to feed my poor children I bought them a pizza at Sam's. I ended up eating 2 pieces and then having 2 pepsi's over the course of the day. Not counting of course the random little pieces of frosting, etc ... I am confident that tomorrow will be a better day but bummed I might have went backwards. Well, good night! Here's to a great tomorrow!

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Dani Joy said...

Ok.. girl, just get right back on that wagon! You can do it!

Count that as your free day and don´t have any more this week. ok.

Here´s what you do next time. Take all the topping off the crust and give the crust to the kids. jeje.. they will think you are being picky though. Hide it. LOL I am teaching such bad habits. explain to them that for women the bread goes right on the hips. they will understand.

Then go diet pepsi. and only a little big cause the chemicals will kill us in the end. LOL

Big hugs and Get right back at it girl!

Love ya and am crunchin with ya!!

Dani Joy