Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello, My name is Karen Bull

Hi! I am joining at last, but I have been working on this since Monday- November 2nd -in the shadows:) here's my info out in front of all of you!! I have never done anything like this before in front of many people like this...this should be fun!!

2. 5' 7"
3. 73 kg---about 160.6lbs--whoa--to see it written is scarier! (I got married and weighed about 135lbs--but gained 15 the first summer to be back where I was for most of college), and since in Russia, I have gained 4 kg!--8.8lbs! It's SUGAR, I think, and no exercise and I do better when I can read the words of the ingredients!
I have four kids, first one started at 150, then 140, then I don't remember!! haha!
4. Measurements: Waist: 30", Hips 41" Thighs: 24.5 L 25-R Chest---I don't care--I'm small, I can't get much smaller--and if I do, I don't really want to measure it!

ok, these are some of my fluffier pics...I usually have the camera, so I stay away from bottom shots, unless someone else has taken them!

Here's my program that I am working on: exercising 5 days a week--about 30 min./day and eating sweets only when with another adult!
So far--after today being my fifth day, I feel better, but no phys. results--no weight change or measuremnent changes either!

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