Friday, November 6, 2009

Awful Day!

Yesterday I was infomed that my boys school needed an 18 x 24 cake for an event tonight. I volunteered to bring one. I had no idea the chaos it would wreck on my day. I started out with my healthy breakfast and the first part of decorating the cake, then 30 min of stretching/strength training. After that things went downhill FAST! I ended up having to go to the store because one of my kids ate part of one of the other cakes and I had to buy one. Since it was after lunchtime and I had yet to feed my poor children I bought them a pizza at Sam's. I ended up eating 2 pieces and then having 2 pepsi's over the course of the day. Not counting of course the random little pieces of frosting, etc ... I am confident that tomorrow will be a better day but bummed I might have went backwards. Well, good night! Here's to a great tomorrow!
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