Friday, November 20, 2009

Crunch in ---Karen B

I am bummed by the lack of weight loss...but the inches are doing better...I keep wondering I stretching my measuring tape or is this really happening?
Original/ Now

30  29.25
41 same
72kg  74(yikes--)
24.5 L  24
25-R  24.75

total inches so far...1.5 inches loss, 4.4 pounds gain---yuk!!!  (I am making myself write this out for you!!)


Dani Joy said...

Hang in there Karen. Your body will get the message. Maybe increase your cardio intensity. Sweat it out! Jump start that metabolism a bit more. This is what I am personally working on.

As the inches go you know you are making progress. ;)

Dani Joy

Sarah said...

Karen ~

I couldn't agree more with Dani. Try doing a bit more cardio and add a little interval training. For example: Walk at a steady pace for 5 minutes, then walk at a much faster pace for 2, then drop it back down for another 5, and back up for 2... and so on. Every once in awhile your body needs to be shocked!