Sunday, November 1, 2009


An hour passed quickly crunching in today. My dh has a hi fever so I am nursing and trying to stay away from weekend leftovers. I am excited about tomorrow. I feel like I am finally ready to START the challenge. FOOD-WATER-EXERCISE. It has taken me a couple of days to get everything on track. This week I should not have many obstacles. I am making better choices than I did a week ago, a day ago and prayerfully I will keep

  1. Crunching IN more exercise time, and
  2. Crunching UP the ladder of will power, and
  3. Crunching DOWN the scale. THANKS ANITA


Mary said...

Oh, that's good! I'm going to do that with you...having a "system" helps so much.

Happy crunchin'!

Dani Joy said...

Oh praise the Lord!

I hope your Hubby gets better quick.

Anita, do you need help with your ticker? I would think that you have more points than 5. let me know.

Big Crunch,
Dani Joy