Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dani´s Crunch 2 with a Crunchin´Tip


I think so!

I am no longer afraid to stand on that thing! I love to wake up and see what it has to say. It´s a great feeling.

After yesterday´s swim and walk, (did I mention I swam 1 kilometer, that´s a 1/2 mile?) I weighed in this morning.

I weighed 127.8!!! That´s another 2 pounds off sinch Wednesday. I thought that the last few pounds would not want to come off. But the Crunch is helping so much!!!

Today was my "free day" so I had one brownie but it was too sweet now. Imagine that! I have always had a sweet tooth. guess that´s changed too. We had pizza too but it was too doughy for me. I just at the topping. Isn´t that so childish? But it´s because all that bread would really put those 2 lbs back on.

What I will do to ensure to not gain them back, is to drink lots of water tonight. ;)

I picked this magazine up today. The front cover said "Lose weight in groups" I thought imediately about us, "That´s what we are doing!"

It goes on to say that having the encouragement of family and people around you is a basic need.

So glad we are doing this together!

Hope you all have had a great Lord´s day!

Crunchin´it with ya´ll,


Mary said...

Dani, you go girl!!! That is awesome, awesome, awesome! It is so good to weigh in and see those numbers decreasing, even if its just long as its going down, the crunch is working. Yep, lots of water really works to keep the hunger pangs away, and its so cleansing, too.

So glad we are a "group" of "sisters"...that's an unbeatable combination...we're going to do this together!

Crunchin right along with ya!

Joy said...

Aren´t you excited that the numbers are still falling? Wish the exchange rate would crunch some too!
Anyway, thanks for the encouragement - and I guess you know that the reason I began trying to exercise back in Sept. was because I saw what you did and how God os helping you.
May our crunching together help us all to grow in our walk with the Lord, and thanks for all the work you´ve put into getting this all ready.
love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

Thanks Ladies!! YOu all are an inspiration!

Joy, I am so thankful!

Keep on Crunchin´ Keep on Crunchin´
Dani Joy