Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dani´s Double Crunch IN WK 4 Special

It´s measurment day and

 I am bloated from salty Spanish Chorizo!


At any rate, I measured.

The only thing that changed was my thighs, which I am so happy about! This is the trouble zone that needs the most work.

                              wk2     wk4
Right Thigh: 22" - 22"  -   22"

Left Thigh: 22.5"- 22.5" - 22"  

So now my left thigh is right down there with my right thigh. Yay, I am no longer lopsided. LOL

My chest was down a .5 inch too but I marked it wrong last measurements on here so I won´t be taking points for that.

Here is my most recent picture, and my new out!

My bust has lost all it´s going to lose. I hope! Now maybe I can work on  increasing muscle mass there. tee hee.

I pray, you all keep with it. It´s really rewarding. Give it the full 2 months, ladies! If there isn´t a lot of change right away that you are hoping for don´t quit, just work harder.

Happy Thanksgiving you all!

And for those of you that have more than one dinner to go to, my tip would be only take one day off. Don´t try to just eat light of everything. You will end up with extra weight. Have a plan. 

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See you Friday!!! 

Big Crunchin´Hugs


KathyH said...

Wow! Look at you lovely lady..... just beautiful.

Dani Joy said...

I praise the Lord for yous!!

Siberia said...

Can you believe it? I lost 1.5 inches this week in my bust! I'm not really excited about that, but I guess you and I both are in the no chest club now. Heehee. You look wonderful in your new outfit!


Sarah K said...

Love your new outfit! Way to go!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

You look great, and your new outfit is so cute!

Sarah said...

You look OUTSTANDING! I love the outfit. I'll be posting mine a bit later.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Joy said...

You are looking good! and your new outfit is pretty.
I´m loosing centimeters in my bust, so am looking forward to being able to button my blouses without the use of safety pins! My slips and my bras now have wrinkles and actually look like they don´t fit...that may be too much information, but for those of us have been overly blessed on the top half, it is nice. love, Joy

Joy said...

Oops, I said in my post that I was thankful to you for the Crunch and all the work, but I meant to say thankful for all the work you put into doing it all. Hopefully you understood! love, Joy

Ketty said...

Jajajajaajaa, you are funny Joy, and I see this thing you have about pins now, jejejeje.

Pretty soon, you won´t use pins at all, verás.


Dani Joy said...

Joy, from one who had to use pins too, I know what you mean! It is such a blessing to find clothes that fit now.

I am so happy for you!

And I am so thankful for you! This Crunch has been a huge blessing for me even though it has been work, it hasn´t seemed like it. It has been a hobby and has turned into somewhat of a ministry for me. (does that make sense?)

Thankfully Crunching,
Dani Joy