Friday, November 13, 2009

Look what I got..

I picked this up last night at walmart,
So I can now ,target those TROUBLE ZONES,,,
I have been doing just the walk,dvd.
or walking at the track,when its pretty out,
But thanks to you Ms Dani joy,you talked me into it,,,:o)
So I will start this today,
I may take a few days off ,I have not since we started,
the diet I'm doing says to every 12 days,but I may only take 1day /
We'll see !

I did not do the weigh in,I AM A SISSY,
Sure not brave as some of you,,
But I have lost 10pds,so far,
I feel great,..

Thank you all for all this support,
Maybe next week I will weigh in ??



Dani Joy said...

Hey, girl! Good for you!! But take it easy on this. Do it a little at a time. YOu can do it, but do what you can. I started this after I had already done the 30 day Shred and I still couldn´t do the whole video. Do portions. She does two sets of everything. So maybe you can do one set of half to start out. The Ab work outs are great! It´s all great! at the end she has a circut just for the hiney! it´s so good!! old school but good!! I am doing it tonight. grrr!! jejeje

I am so proud of you!! You can do it! No one is looking at the measures and comparing. We are just looking at the successes and praising. So no worries! YOu can do it with God´s help!

Just know we are in it together.

Goin to crunch it right now.
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hi Becka,
Nice to meet you. And, forget it, you are no sissy, if you´ve lost 10 lbs. That is great. Some of us have a lot to loose and others have less, but if we can improve our eating habits and exercise our bodies, we will have have won something precious, so hang in there.

Becka said...

Thanks Ms Danijoy,
You so sweet,,

Siberia said...

Becka, 10 lb. is huge! You are doing so well. Keep up that great work!