Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WK3 - Joy

Here are my stats - after increasing exercise to 30 min. a day. Nothing to shout about, but still encouraged to keep crunching.

Weight (kilos) 71.5 - 71.3

Measurements a week ago - today:

Bust 105 cms. - same
Waist 87 cms. - same
Hips 109 cms. - 108 cms.
Arms 30 cms. - same
Left leg - 63 cms. - same
Right leg - 60 cms. same

Total loss for the week: 1 cm. and about 200 grms. on the weight which is good. I´m wanting to see the number 70 this next week :)



Dani Joy said...

This is great! any loss is great loss!! you are doing so great sticking with it! I am so encouraged!

Big Crunchin hugs
Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Way to go! Keep on keeping on ... you can do it!

Ketty said...

You will see 70 if you keep it up, so keep crunching and it will be soon.