Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nix the fix...checking on the points

Here´s what I´ve eaten today - and my points. I´ll just list the food that I´ve counted as good choices. Let me know, Dani, if it is ok.

Breakfast - 1 glass fresh squeezed o.j. / 1 apple (2 points)
Lunch - Salad / wasa cracker 1 - instead of bread (2 points)
Snack - 1 tiny square sugar free chocolate - (1 point)
Supper - half of a papaya (1 point)
Total points - 6...MINUS 1 point for a chocolate I ate at church - bite size but definetly calorie laden and very rich :( which gives me a total of 5 points. Sure excited about getting to add points for good food choices, so look out Tami and we come!

P.S. Thanks Dani for posting the video you liked. I´m going to get up and try it in the a.m. Always like to change off the videos every 4 or 5 days to keep my body guessing as to what is coming next.


Ketty said...

You have to eat more things to get more points my friend but your food choices were very good.

Dani Joy said...

Great! You got the idea.
you have a max. of 3 points per meal. but obviously the idea is to lose weight. Ketty, is out for the points. LOL!

I took off points for myself today too. I wasn´t sure if potatoe wedges was a good choice but I was so hungry. I had them with my salad tonight. then I had some no sugar added Choc. Valor. but had more than 2 pieces. ´no sugar or not it still has lots of calories.

Hope it will help motivate us all though to keep making the right choices.

Big Crunchin hugs
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Ketty, I did eat other things, like a small portion of pasta for lunch, but just listed the "healthy" choices I made. Anyway, with the new points for food, I´m going to be stepping on your heels (ha, ha!)thought I can´t keep up with all the exercise since I´m still getting over the virus. And good for you for not licking that knife! Love, Joy

Ketty said...

LOL LOL LOL, yes Joy, I think I am not going to make any more nocilla sandwhiches until this crunch is over. I will have to tell the kids to make their own and make one for Mikey also. :-)