Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday - food choices

Had the presentation of our program for the 2nd night at church. Had 57 last night and 65 tonight with a total of 27 visitors, for which we thank the Lord. My food choices are below...when I get nervous I eat, (and I was nervous about the program) but I didn´t do to bad.
Breakfast - oatmeal - no sugar - orange juice - whole wheat toast with honey = 3 points
Lunch - Chicken pot pie - no biscuit topping, broccoli salad, natural yogurt with sugar free jelly = 3 points.
Supper - scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with honey.= 2 points
snack - 1 spanish small "polvorón" sugar free and 1 small square sugar free chocolate and herbal tea with honey for sweetner. = 1 point (I won´t add or subtract the spanish treat - it wasn´t neccesary, but was sugar free.
I think the food choices will get more difficult as we get closer to Christmas, but am thanking the Lord for His help in the food area. Today was an exercise free day, so tomorrow will get up and aim to do 30 min.


Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord for the turn out! His Word will not return void! AMEN
Oh I am so rejoycing with you.

Great Food choices too!
I really have to get back on the crunching wagon tomorrow too!

Big crunching hugs,
Dani Joy

PS.. I am really saddened this weekend to hear of another missionary leaving Spain. It has affected me more than I would like to admit.

Dani Joy said...

Hmna Joy, I dont´get tired of hearing it. ;) tee hee. I really could use more feedback for what to do with the food choice points and how to make it better the next time we do another challenge.

I really am trying to praise the Lord for His mighting blessings in my life and not look at others. It´s hard when those others affected us so much. Especially me. considering I wanted so badly for it to work out for them and our friendship. All the more reason to get my eyes on the Lord. ;)

Thanking the Lord for you! Praising the Lord for your ministry and testimony! and for the added benni of No PINS. jejeje

Crunchin´it (in more ways then one)
Dani Joy