Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ab Wheel!!!

I promised more information about the ab wheel and here it is...
This little gadget is wonderful. It works out your core muscle group and leaves you feeling toned. It really doesn't take a lot of time either. They recommend only doing about 10 reps in a setting, so if you are short on time, but would like to get a good ab/arm/pec workout, this is for you!
These really aren't that expensive if you don't already have one. The site I found this picture on sells them for $8.99, but I got mine (for those of you in the States) at a Goodwill store for less than $2.
I feel weird saying this, but thought some of you might find this helpful...for those of you that have gotten a little smaller in the bust area than you really wanted this is also helpful in toning that area, leaving you a little bigger - but still worked out. Years ago, I went from a size A to a B using this. As I said earlier, it works your "pecs" so you will automatically perk up.
So, glad we are all women and this site is private! :)
Disclaimer: This is not for everyone. If you have issues with your back or like me have tendonitis, be very careful!!!
Hope this helps!


Ketty said...

Great tip Carrie, I need to do that to reduce mine, not to get bigger :-)

keep up crunching girl!!!


Joy said...

Thanks for the post. Many years ago, my chiropractor in the US told me this is the absolute best and safest way to strengthen your back muscles and to keep your spine aligned.
I´ll have to find on and bring it back in my suitcase on our next furlough, becuase I haven´t seen any here...and I´ll be checking out the Goodwill stores, that is where I´ve picked up most of my workouts for $1 or less : )
Have a good day.

Dani Joy said...

Sounds Great! I have been doing tons of pushups to tone up the bust area. I may have to look into getting one of these.

thanks for posting this tip!

Dani Joy

Sarah said...

I have one of these and I love it. I stopped using it for awhile, but now I'm gonna have to get it out again!