Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey! I Finally Made It!

I finally made it to the blog! I have been with you all in spirit since the beginning, but had trouble starting up. Thanks to Dani Joy for inviting me to this Faith and Fitness group. I have been encouraged by you ladies for sharing your success. I took measurement last week and thank you to the precious lady who made the excel worksheet that makes this all easier. I am still somewhat unfamiliar with how this works, but my daughter. Genni, is also doing this and help me.

I am a home educating mom of 6 children ages 3-20 years and married to a wonderful Godly man, who unfortunately has been away for 2 years, home on weekend 2-3 times a month. We are in the middle of the biggest move of our lives to join him soon. I am under a lot of stress and heavier than I have ever been. My husband was home last weekend and I really didn’t get started until Monday, Jan 25. When I am stressed I frequently try to handle everything myself and tend to eat way too much of the wrong stuff.

I really started this on Monday when I determined that I could not be like this any longer. I am so thankful for you all. I have determined to eat healthy and am doing the Maker’s Diet in reverse, starting with stage 3. I am took week and fat to actually start on phase 1. I have not had any sugar, white flour, pasta, or other bad foods. I am allowing 2 tbsp of Raw honey per day, but don’t always eat this. I am only eating Flemish Desem Bread and a very small amount of Bread made with honey and freshly ground wheat, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, bison, eggs, cheese, beans, legumes, amaranth, quinoa and a small amount of milk. Basically just cutting out candy, chocolate, chips, pasta, cookies, etc.

I decided to step on the scale this morning since I had gained one pound from last week on Wednesday. I first prayed to God, saying “I really need some encouragement.” He is a good and gracious God! I weighed 4 pounds less than my starting weight and 5 pounds less than my Wednesday weight. I have a long way to go and am setting my goal for 30# of weight loss for this spring and hope to loose another 20-40# in the next year. I haven’t really started the exercise yet, but hope to get that going soon. I am so very grateful to Dani Joy for her invitation and to God for motivating me to join and to all of you too!



Ketty said...

Welcome to the crunch Annie, and
don´t worry if you started late, we still have 9 weeks to go.
You have already lost some weight only by eating better. Once you start an exercise program you will see even more change.

We are here to help you and encourage you. Go for it. Little by litlle, don´t expect a fast change, it´s kind of like starting a new life-style. :-)

Looking forward to see your changes.


Dani Joy said...

OH Anne!! I am so glad you made it! Wooo hooo!!! I am jumping up and down inside! I actually have tears in my eyes cause I miss you and am so happy for this contact.

I know God is going to give you the strength to get back to health and fitness! You are the queen of healthy eating! You introduced me to it! you can do this thing! Now go get em! I mean now drop those pounds!! hehe!

I am sure it´s been so hard on you to organize a move and school still. I am so glad though that you can get out to be with Breck. You need to be together. ( no need for me to write that)

I am praising the Lord for your weight loss already and knowing He is going to do great things through you.

Try to get some walking in and get those muscles burning. ;)

I love you and thank God for you!

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Annie said...

Dani Joy, you are making me cry! You and your sweet family are so dear to me and my family. When you get back on your next visit please look us up and stay with us if you can.

You are such a dear, sweet friend. I love you and your family. I will pray for Joseph as he plays football too.

Sarah K said...

Welcome Annie!
Way to start! Way to be positive and have the go-get-em attitude!
Springing into shape with you!

Siberia said...

Welcome to our group! We are glad you have joined us. We hope you will provide you with the encouragement that you need to keep going on your health and fitness goals.