Thursday, January 21, 2010


I include a picture of our family, one of my husband and me and one with my kids at work.
My name is Maribel and I live in Petrer, Spain where the Lord has placed my dear family to serve Him as missionaries. I am married to a wonderful man, David Bell, and we are in the process of planting a new church in the area. I am a teacher, and this year I have been given the incredible challenge of teaching a class of 25 3-year-old children with a great emphasis in English. I have taken it as an assignment from the Lord. This, by the way, should make my Christmas Crunch Challenge easier, due to the amount of energy spent during the day. I am married to a great man and have three children ages 11, 9, and 7; I enjoy them greatly. I eat at school everyday, so I will probably choose a light supper strategy, since breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. In the previous crunch I stated that my goal was to exercise more regularly. I am happy to say that I got into a routine exercise that has shaped my body the way I did not think it would. I lost some pounds and began to see my body take shape. I have not arrived, so I am glad to participate in this crunch. My goal is to be 55 kilos (I am 57.8) and to maintain it. I want to say 120 lbs. (54.5), but I'm afraid I could not make it. See what can happen with a little bit of effort. Thank you ahead of time for the encouragement. Have a great crunch!!

My measurements

Height: 161 cm 5 ft 3 in

Weight: @ 57.8 (@127 lbs)

Bust: 96 cm
37.8 in

Chest: 80 cm
31.5 in

Waist: 70 cm
27.5 in

Hips: 96 cm
37.8 in

Right Thigh: 54.5 cm
21.5 in

Left Thigh: 54 cm
21.2 in

Right Arm: 28 cm
11 in

Left Arm: 27.5 cm
10.8 in

I'm putting down the inches, but I'll be working in centimeters. Every once in a while I may post it in inches, maybe at the end.
My workout plan: Walk everyday and exercise with Jillian Michael's dvd and exercise tv videos, including cardio and strength building exercises. I love seeing some muscles I did not use to see. Minimum daily exercise: 30 minutes.


Dani Joy said...

Hey, we have the same goal weight! I am going to race you to it, ok! jeje
I think you have less to go but well, it´s a good goal I think. Not too thin. just right. ;)

Love your class picture! precious! You look great! Just like I remember you back when we saw you in 1998. =)

Springing into Shape with ya,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hey Maribel,
Glad to see you back on. I know how great it feels to have seen good results (although some smaller than others - like mine :)), but results are results, and I´m excited to give it another try.

Sarah K said...

Welcome back Maribel!
Congratulations on the results from the last crunch! Love your pictures!
Springing into shape with you!

Dani Joy said...

OOO I love that picture of you and Bro. David! Awesome!

Dani Joy said...

Ok.. I was checking out your measurements. LOL! We are the same height even! AUN!! You are bigger on top and I am bigger on the bottom. hahaha!! I think I would rather the bigger on top. LOL.. but we are made as we are made.

You are motivating me to keep at this thing! You know why? Cause you look incredible but you are determined to be healthy and fit! I love that! I am going to be working right along with ya!

Let´s get toned and ripped as Sarah F. says. :)

Un abrazo

Maribel said...

Thank you Danielle for your encouraging comments. Today I had a wedding in the morning and a birthday party in the evening!! This can very well be my day off :).

Thank you for doing this; so many ladies are venturing out to doing something that seemed impossible to them. All because of your idea! The Lord bless you.