Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disclaimer on music web site

Dear ladies,
I recommended a site yesterday for exercise music. Not having the time to listen to all the music, I´m just writing to say that I downloaded a few of the clips and listened to my first this a.m. About half way through it a man started talking (rapping, heavy breathing). I couldn´t understand what he was saying, but I ended up changing it to the next one.
So am writing to just say that you´ll have to listen and choose what, if any of their music you can use. Some of the stuff is not something I´m comfortable listening to, and yet I´m not comfortable with doing exercise to "Onward Christian Soldiers" either. Still trying to find something with a beat that will keep me motivated without crossing the line. I used to use "Hooked on classics" years ago with my girls (when they were young) and we´d exercise and enjoy the classics too.
Springing to a different tune this a.m. : )

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Dani Joy said...

Thanks Joy for posting this! We understand. It´s tough to find something God honoring these days.

I just stick to the dvds cause It takes so long to sift through other stuff. jeje

WEll, lately we are having to go to the gym cause our hot water heater is on the fritz. Have to go there to get a shower. haha

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy