Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday weigh in.... only one day late

Hey Ladies!

Well, that's the last time I do anything so kind as buy my weigh scales a new battery!!!!!

Even with all the renovation exercising I've lost a total of 0kgs!!! That's right a big fat nothing. My measurements are fluctuating as well, losing cm's here and gaining there ??????????

The lack of weight lose I know is down to the bad eating we've been doing. I left Matt in charge of buying food last night as I'd already started renovating and was toooooo filthy to go out in public. He turns up at 8:30 pm with KFC... NOOOOOOOO. Fat and salt. Thankfully he got me a wrap but still. Even with the added layer of dust it tasted good.

So the figures are:
0Kg lost
- 3cm Bust
+ 2cm Waist (I'm blaming salt and water retention as TOM is due v.soon)
- 1cm R Thigh
+ 1cm R Arm - getting muscly

So there you have is a grand total of 1cm less.

much love

Kathy <><


Joy said...

Hi Kathy,
I know we´d all like to get the weight loss, food, exercise - down to a science, but we have to remember that God gave us hormones, which can sometimes mess everything up. : ) You did loose some cms. so keep it up! Next week, hormones might cooperate to see bigger changes - specially in the weight - which is what so many of us are wanting to see.

Sarah K said...

You are on the way to big changes -sometimes they just start slow. You have been very disciplined and committed -woo hoo! That will pay off!
Keep up the great work!

Ketty said...

Don´t get discouraged kathy.

As Joy said your hormones will change by next week. We are all here trying to make life changes by changing our food and exercise habit. And let me tell you, it´s very hard for me, seriously, but everybody here is very encouraging.