Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fitness tip - Quality over quantity

Well, after doing exercise that didn´t look too complicated, I woke up today barely able to walk without groaning! So today, Jillian´s e.mail had this fitness tip, which I probably should have read BEFORE doing the new exercise. Anyway, live and learn. And this tip is something I will definetly keep in mind for the next time.
  • Precision. Use very light weights when trying an exercise for the first time, and go through the motions slowly. Once you understand how the exercise is performed and commit the movement to muscle memory, then you can progress to heavier weights and faster completion.
  • Concentration. To achieve maximum results, you must focus on the specific muscles you are training, really feel the work you are doing, and make every rep count.
  • Control. From the beginning of the exercise to the end, you must perform the movements in a deliberate, steady manner. As well as increasing your flexibility, this will ensure that you are stimulating the entire muscle, not just a portion of it.
  • Breathing. It's very important to breathe properly during each repetition that you complete. When you are exercising, as a general rule, exhale during the lift, and inhale as you lower the weights.
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