Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday weigh in.... only one day late

Hey Ladies!

Well, that's the last time I do anything so kind as buy my weigh scales a new battery!!!!!

Even with all the renovation exercising I've lost a total of 0kgs!!! That's right a big fat nothing. My measurements are fluctuating as well, losing cm's here and gaining there ??????????

The lack of weight lose I know is down to the bad eating we've been doing. I left Matt in charge of buying food last night as I'd already started renovating and was toooooo filthy to go out in public. He turns up at 8:30 pm with KFC... NOOOOOOOO. Fat and salt. Thankfully he got me a wrap but still. Even with the added layer of dust it tasted good.

So the figures are:
0Kg lost
- 3cm Bust
+ 2cm Waist (I'm blaming salt and water retention as TOM is due v.soon)
- 1cm R Thigh
+ 1cm R Arm - getting muscly

So there you have is a grand total of 1cm less.

much love

Kathy <><

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