Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last day of nixing the fix : ) - Joy

Here is my last entry for this wonderful way of pushing that ticker forward : ) Looking forward to measure/weight in day tomorrow.

Breakfast: Bran cereal with skim milk, added half an apple chopped and raisins (talk about yummy), herbal tea, rice cake with pb and honey. - 4 points

Lunch: Steamed potatoes with garlic and chicken, tomato & cucumber salad. - 2 points

Supper: wasa cracker with light cream cheese (garlic and parsley flavor) and plain tuna, baked sweet potatoe. - 2 points

snack- a.m. 1 square sf chocolate and about 10 nuts.
p. m. - 1 yogurt - w/ brown sugar and vanilla. 2 points

This post + my 20 min. of exercise - 2 points.


Ketty said...

Good food choices Joy.
How are you feeling and what exercises are you doing now'


Joy said...

Hi Ketty,
I´m feeling better from the back injury...but am now down with a nasty virus (pharingitis - hacking cough). I´m thinking the no-exercise has helped my body to not respond well. Dr. says I can start back to exercise with walking (am doing the Leslie Sansone walking video). Yesterday I did 20 min. and today I did 25. But my body has lost strength in just 2 weeks of inactivity!!! Whatever I´ve got can also be allergy related, so am having a little bit of trouble breathing. By next Monday I hope to be able to get back to doing cardio - start with 20 min. and build from there. Slowly, slowly, as I don´t EVER want to hurt my back again like that!
I´ve lost a kilo - with nixing the fix, so am going to continue to write down what I eat every day - just to keep tabs so I don´t let it get away from me. And, as soon as it stops RAINING...I´m headed outside to walk.Love, Joy

Ketty said...

Don´t tell me about rain. Did you know it rains here in C√≥rdoba about 5 or 10 days every winter? Well, it hasn´t stop raining since Dec. ahgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
They blame us now from bringing the rain from the North.

Anyway, glad you are feeling better, and be very careful when you go back to cardio.

When you said you have trouble breathing bc of allergies, you might be getting ashma from the allergy. I have that problem, so maybe should treat that allergy. I have ashma from allergies so I know the feeling.Sometimes in the middle of doing JIllian I have to use the inhaler.

Boy, is my body a mess, lol lol lol, tell me a disease and I probably have it, lol lol lol. But it´s ok, I think I can cope with them fairly well. And the best is I haven´t been sick since we got here 5 months ago, not even a cold.