Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is getting fun!

One more post for one more point this week. I was discouraged since I only lost 8#, so I decided to measure myself. I hadn't posted anything for the last measurement loss of 9.5 inches earlier and measured myself today with another 12 inches total loss. Praise the Lord! I still want to loose more weight and inches and am so glad that Dani Joy has invited me to this blog. Also, for you thin people, it is a long journey left for me to be a normal size so stay encouraged. Can't wait until the next challenge. Thank!


Dani Joy said...

This is great! I am so glad that you are seeing results and really getting into it now.

Anne, YOu know what I realized, that back before I started losing weight, that I was believing a lie. A lie that I couldn´t ever go back to the way I was before, but it was just that, a lie! It is possible. YOu can do it with the Lord´s strength. Get a picture in your mind of how you want to look, and strive for that. It is work. Nothing comes easy that´s for sure.

I am here for you and pray for you.

Have you heard about Sun Valley´s 50th anniversary this coming Sept? We will be there. It´s Sept 3. It would be great to see you there.

Sweatin it with ya,
Dani Joy

Annie said...

Dani Joy, thanks for that word of encouragement. That is a great revelation and I have been believing that lie.

Hadn't heard about the Sun Valley 50th anniversary. Seems like we just had an anniversary/reunion. We haven't been gone very long and I am not sure we will be able to get there. It would be fun to see you and others from the church. I'll let you know if we can make it.

Thanks for sweating with me and praying for me. I am praying for you also.