Monday, October 18, 2010

This is just the beginning

It has almost been a week and I am definitely sore. Genni and I are walking 3 miles up and down the hills in this beautiful hill country. My body is feeling the pain :) This is my plan to walk the 3 miles in the morning and do some other stationary exercises. I am also cutting way back on carbohydrates including bread, pasta, fruit except grapefruit and berries, rice, sweets, cereal. I have been doing fairly well, though we had spaghetti yesterday for lunch and we are having pasta fazoole tonight. I plan to slip the pasta to my 4 year old daughter who is not over weight and will love the extra pasta. We are planning to eat better as the week progresses. I desperately need to go shopping. My biggest challenge right now is the delicious raw Jersey cow milk we are getting from a local dairy farm. I have been drinking it when I feel hungry and am going to limit it to one cup per day. I am very over weight and will email my measurement to Dani Joy. I hope to loose 10-20 # on this challenge. If I can do more than this with God's help, I will post my before and after measurements. Blessing to all of you who are more faithful in this than me. I thank God for my daughter Genni who is an encouragement to me.


Charlie said...

I have a friend that has milk goats and she used to give me some raw goat's milk which Trevor and I enjoyed very much. One of her goats died, so now she doesn't have any extra. It was really yummy. So I can imagine how raw cow milk would taste.

Let's keep crunching and the Lord will bless our efforts.


Larry R. Carlisle said...

Hi Annie,
I'm trying to eat more slowly. Hopefully I'll feel fuller faster and prevent me from over eating. I just started this a few days ago. It seems to be working a little.
Keep going, we can do this together!

Kathryn :-)

Dani Joy said...

That's funny about slipping the pasta to Olivia. I slip almost all my carbs to the boys or leave it off all together. I eat more carbs now that I am maintaining ,but to lose you must pass on the white pasta. :0 Good plan.

I can only imagine how blessed it is to workout together. I can't wait till I am with my Mom.

You may e mail me or just write it all down. I don't have to know. :) It's all for your own benifit. I didn't start posting my measurements till I had lost quite abit. Not intentionally because I didn't know I should measure.

Keep on Crunchin' for Jesus,
Dani Joy