Tuesday, March 8, 2011

15 days of no exercise . . .

That is what my Wii said when I turned on Wii Fit last night. Time flies, and I didn't realize it had been two weeks. So before I did the Wii Fit routine, I decided to warm up with the Weight Watcher Walking DVD. I did the 10 minute walk and decided to try the 20 minute walk (which is not just walking, but movement with arms and stretching, etc). That went by very quickly. So I already had 30 minutes done when I started the Wii Fit routine strength training. I found my scores were better after the walking warm up and getting back into it wasn't too difficult. Now I just have to keep it up.

Here is the tip that was on the WW DVD: "When you choose to exercise, you choose to live a better life." Simple, but profound.


Charlie said...

That is so good. I'm glad you got back into it. It takes some doing to make exercise part of your day, but with time it will be just like anything else, just a normal part of your day. I'm at the point now when I really miss it if I can't fit it into my day. On days when I am specially stressed, are the days when I need it the most.

God knows our needs, after all He is our creator. He made us with everything we need to live a happy healthy life. There are natural "happy" hormones that our body makes after we exercise. So we don't need the chemicals that the world offers to help us deal with stress. He built it right into us.

Dani Joy said...

Wooo hooo you are back at it! Praise the Lord!

Great tip.

Thank you for posting! We have to keep moving for sure!

Dani Joy