Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Antojos! Cravings Within Reason.

Antojos are understood as cravings here in Spain. They are very special and for special occations. The majority of Spaniards are not overweight and only splurge within reason. (of course this is something I have notice as a whole)

You all have written on occation that you have succomed to your cravings. I think that if you do so, and do it in moderation this helps us get through on our fitness journey for life. It is the discipline though to say this is just a one time splurge or my "free day".

This past week, I craved a lot of coffee, chocolate and gummy candy (very popular here) I have to admit one day I actually made myself sick on some candy. Uhhhgg. But that did me in for a long time. I don´t have to have it anymore. I can go light and not guzzle the whole thing in one sitting. With the Lord´s strength, I don´t look to the food to fulfill me anymore. As I am reading in the Made to Crave devotional, It is a heart issue. These devotionals really give a great perspecitive on all areas of our lives.

Well, my seventh inning stretch praise is I lost a pound and 2.5 inches. I hadn´t measured in a few weeks so it has been slow in coming off. I am just so excited to be just about at my pre furlough weight too! One more pound! Then maintain my fitness journey for Life with God´s strength.

Springing with ya,

Dani Joy


junglewife said...

Nice! Thanks for the comments about the cravings, and that it is okay to give in every once in a while! We had ladies' Bible study this afternoon, and my friend had made some TASTY bars (I know they were tasty because I had one as dessert last Saturday, my free day!) I wanted one, or even just a little piece of one SO bad, but I did NOT give in! I was so proud of myself! :-)

That's great that you are just a pound away from your pre-furlough weight! I'm pretty close, too. The problem is that even my pre-furlough weight was at least 30 pounds more than I would like to be! Yikes! So I still have some work to do... Oh well!

Cindy B. said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one to want to consume a gummy candy in bulk at one time! But I am so glad that you got the craving out of your system for awhile! Congrats on losing the pound and inches. I wonder why it is that Spanish people are not overweight . . . especially with their odd eating times and the "pan" that goes with their meals. Thanks for the Week 8 challenge!

Dani Joy said...

Cindy, They walk everywhere! that is the key. movement! ;) and a light supper.

Great job ladies! I am so encouraged by all your hard work and the Lord is blessing! He is pleased with our discipline if it is done for His glory.

Love you in Him and Springing with ya,
Dani Joy

Madridmom said...

I'm so glad that gummy candy holds absolutely no temptation for me at all. I can walk down the candy aisles here and resist almost everything there without a the pasta aisle, the chips and the bread aisle are another story. :-)
However, the candy aisles in the States are a whole different ball game which is one of the big reasons I am pushing myself hard these past 2 weeks and now that the weather is so great I am going to keep pushing myself to drop these last few pounds before heading off to the land of great temptation.
Keep working at it , ladies! Slow and steady, little by little, one small victory in self control at a time and we will reach our goals.