Friday, November 11, 2011

Sarah D Journal

Another week is done! Last week with the extra exercise points I even exercised on Saturday! (although it helped that my husband had to fly that morning, so it seemed like "just another weekday" instead of him being home and us wanting to sleep in and make a big breakfast and just be lazy :-))

So, after weighing in, I am down one more pound (two total this challenge... doesn't seem like much but I am under the 185 mark now! I hope to get under 180 by the end of the challenge!) and 2 1/2 more inches! So, it helps to see some progress :-)

I am trying to kick things up a notch by doing the 30 day Shred instead of my strength training videos. This is the 2nd week I've done it (3x per week) and maybe next week I will get the courage to move up to Level 2. I've tried Level 2 a couple times in the past and it just seems SO hard that it is discouraging to even want to try it. It seems like some of the exercises can't really be modified, so I end up not doing them at all, where on Level 1 there are ways to modify the exercises so you can still muddle through even if doing the full-on exercise is too hard. Does that make sense? :-)

Anyway, our internet has been terrible lately so I have had trouble even checking e-mail much less getting on the blog, so I hope you all are doing well and keeping up the "crunch"! Blessings!


Sarah W. said...

Good for you Sarah! I do understand you on the Level 2. I haven't done it yet, but I watched in the other night just because I am getting a bit sick of level 1 and well I was like, "Holy Smokes!" What I determined was that I would just modify into another move. Some of those look like right now they would hurt! :) Some, I am not sure I will ever be able to do! But I decided that I would just do a move that did work for me. Like in level one she does those jump rope jumps. I don't like's not that they hurt I just don't care for them, so I just do jumping jacks while she's doing those. Still keeps my heart rate high. Hang in there......that is not easy stuff for sure! I am there with you! Way to go on the 2lbs! I am still stuck on the scale, but inches are coming off so I am happy about that.

Dani Joy said...

Ladies, do level 2 for only a few days. Get on to level 3 it´s so much better!!! ;)

I agree with Sarah W. Just keep moving if you can´t do a certain move, do some cardio. It helps either way. I often incorporate other of her moves while doing another dvd. It´s also my way of mixing it up.

You can do it! I had that told me all the time to just keep pressing play!

Keep on!! It will pay off!

Praying for you!

DAni Joy

Vicki King said...

Sarah, your progress is a real encouragement to me! For some reason I hadn't read your introducition post for this challenge, but read it just now. You have come a long way!! Pounds don't come off easily for me either, I feel like I have to work so hard to lose anything. So, lets keep encouraging each other and keep going. :)

The Herd said...

way to go!!! I enjoy the second and third level more, even though I must say--I feel like I am a wimp through them all!! You inspire us all!