Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Evening Journal

We had a busy day yesterday and wasn't able to post. I didn't exercise officially today since it is the Sabboth. We had a snow storm move in and I hope I can exercise tomorrow. I was able to eat well even when my husband broke out the chocolate. Wow! I am drinking well also. I will not weigh myself until Wednesday or maybe Tuesday, but I am hungry.

Saturday Sunday
1 pt for 2 qt water 1 pt for 2 qt water
1 pt for 1hr exercise 1 pt for journal
1 pt for veggie plate 1 pt for fruit plate
1 pt no sugar 1 pt no sugar

I will add up the points for tomorrow.

Have a blessed week everyone!

Annie L

1 comment:

Dani Joy said...

Technically, we are not posting points for missed days. I have allowed one grace day for each so far. But please keep writing your journals. This one counts, but please try to post daily. I know it´s hard but well, It is only fair.

Thanks for understanding,

Dani Joy