Thursday, October 29, 2009

Measurements & points

Hello Ladies. Oh, you guys have no idea how much you have to keep your mouths shut about my weight (ha ha). My own husband doesn't have a clue!

I started losing back June 2008 when I weighed 257.4 pounds. I had gotten down to 199, but now as of this morning (yes, I got on the scale - argh) at 204.4. As I approached the scale, I said out loud, "Ah, my Nemesis! Please be my friend!"

That will be my starting weight with you ladies. I haven't done my measurements yet. I never have been one to measure, but I'll do it for you. I'll post those when I get a breather next week. I am still very busy with our Corn Maze (ending soon -- hallelujah)!

So ... 204.4 stinkin' pounds! Did I mention I am 5'10" tall? Still, 204.4 ... argh.

I am going to count 1 point for each post I've shared today (2) then another point for exercising (The Wave workout by The Firm). I didn't complete it, so I'll just give myself 1 point. I'm trying to understand the rules. Let me know if I do something wrong.

Thanks so much for doing this Dani Joy!

I pray you all see me shrink some more. I MUST reach my goal. :o)
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