Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tip 1 from Maribel

Hello ladies! How has it been? I have been majoring on the salads at work since yesterday was soup and pizza (the soup was good).
Through the years, I have had the blessing of keeping my weight range pretty leveled. When I analyze it, I can find a few habits that have helped me without having to be "on a diet". One of them is, as Alice mentioned, is keeping suppers light and eating a GOOD breakfast. Now that is not bacon and eggs; here in Spain breakfast consists of bread, cereal, fruit, cheese, coffee, milk and that sort of thing (I never go for pastries), but it is good to eat a good part of your calories for the day before lunch. This rises your metabolism so that your body gets used to using much fuel all day, and does not go on "energy saving mode". So maybe you can eat what you crave for at breakfast and forget desserts after meals. I was going to give a couple more tips, but I thought I'd save them for another day (must take care of my points! (:
I prayed for you all as a group today.
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