Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back from Belgium and veeeeeeeeeery busy!

Hey Ladies

Sorry I've been quiet the last few days. We came back from Belgium a day early due snow and car breakdowns!!! (not ours thankfully) but it's been no stop since then and I've been struggling with pain too :o(

Food wise, I didn't just get off track in Belgium, I was blown out the water!! Everything was catered and extreeeeeemely yummy. Only 2 ladies and 12 men so it was full fat all the way. I kept my portion size down and no sweets until Barbara made Mexican for Thursday lunch. It's hard to find good mexican food in Germany so I wasn't going to hold back.

Exercise wise has also been tough, my body hates it when it's snowing, pain pain pain :o( and it's not stopped since Friday! Tonight I stepped in one bit that went up to my knee!! Ok Tami has it much worse and we always get some snow each winter but this is extreme for my area.

Renovation exercising is slower as the work men have arrived to lay cable, knock holes in walls and put new piping in. With 4 men working in a 75m2 apartment I've been staying away till the evening.

And if that all wasn't enough we also have a missions trip group visiting our church and 3 of them are staying with us. My time plan is totally to pot.

Ho hum, tomorrow the scales will let me know the damage I sure :o§

Love Kathy
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