Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 2 Springy Journal -- Alice D

I am having a hard time getting going with this new challenge. Can't even seem to get one post in a week .... how did I post every day for the CCC?
The first week was not good at all as far as exercise goes but I have been more regular in this second week. Probably getting the extra points helped. I know it motivated me to do some jogging and push myself in the aerobics exercises that I do. My goal for February is to do at least 20 minutes every day on the wii fit plus. I find that I was not doing anything because I didn't have an hour to devote to exercise. Well, I think that 20 minutes every day is better than 3 days of nothing and then an hour on the 4th day. I'm shooting for consistency and habit making. I have a 20 minute stretching and strength training program set up so on some days I can just run through that routine but this week I have been focusing on the aerobics. Today I clicked on the advanced button and did 6 minutes solid of hula hoops. It sounds silly but I was dying by the end of that one!

I found my measuring tape so tomorrow I will measure and see if there is any change from the end of the CCC. My weight is finally down to where it was at the end of the CCC. 2/10 of a pound more and I will have lost 11 pounds since the start of this journey in October. That is over half way to my ultimate goal.

I have been having terrible cravings and have given in to a few stupid binges lately. I know I will not see any real changes if I don't get this eating under control.
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