Friday, February 26, 2010

Post for Friday

Silly me! I did not notice I was supposed to post everyday, or better, that I could. I have eaten lots of good things and some bad ones too. I have tried to keep track of points, and I'll add them soon. But for today:

Breakfast: whole wheat/multicereal bread with light white cheese and a kiwi, with sf coffee. 3 points

Snack: slice of mediterranean whole wheat bread with tomato and a pear. (2)

Lunch: three bean soup; salad, coffee, 2 cookies so what's that? (2 points)

Snack: kiwi, sf chocolate (2)

negative: chocolate croisant :( It was good though) 2 negative points

Dinner: individual pizza on whole wheat tortilla with grilled vegetables as topping. (3 points)

So is it 10? Today is Friday, and I get a long weekend out of school. We'll go back on Wednesday. I'm so excited! I hope to do better at exercising.

Today I walked 20 minutes. Yesterday too. I have not seen Jillian in a few days. Maybe tomorrow.

By the way, this morning my scale marked 56.1. I'm happy, but I feel bloated. Eating right is soo important for sooo many reasons. God designed us beautifully.

Have a good weekend.

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