Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Springy Journal for this week

This week I have not lost anything. I am looking forward t this week and see if I can stay away from all those negative points. I did not exercise everyday, but I have been doing the longer Jillian Michael's videos (1 hour). This week I have done 4 days of that. The good news: my coworkers have noticed my results. I have also gone shopping since some of my clothes were a little too loose; that's probably why they noticed. They were most impressed when I showed them that I could do push ups and those sweet abdominal exercises on your side; considering I am the oldest one in the group. . . : )
I joked with my family, that I'd better cut down on calories so that I don't look like a judo player soon (so far so good).
My goal is to see 55 in the scale. Right now I am at 56.4. With four weeks to go, I should get there, with a little bit of effort. As you all know, those last pounds, which is were I try to stay normally, are the hardest. Hang in there everyone! If nothing else, even when we fail, you are better off than if you did not work towards anything. We must live fighting the results of the fall in all aspects of our lives! ;)

Have a great "whatjamacallie" week! -- Thanks Dani Joy!

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