Monday, June 21, 2010

I will Not be Derailed!

WEll, my weekend wasn´t the best. But, I am praising the Lord for many many things.

I will not be derailed!
  1. I praise the Lord for good church services yesterday. God really spoke to my heart.
  2. Praising the Lord for wonderful sisters who cooked for my family yesterday. They didn´t even know my back was out. Well, didn´t know my back was going to go out. I think I have a muscle spasm in my lower back. But I will be getting it checked out today by a Physical Therapist.
  3. Praising the Lord for you all! For the encouragement that you bring to keeping on the fitness journey.
  4. Praising the Lord for a restful morning even though the baby I have been taking care of has a cold. God had her sleep her naps well.
  5. and most importantly, I praise the Lord for a wonderful wonderful Husband and family!
So I will not be derailed. AFter I get my massage, I pray to do some upper body workout and maybe some walking. I need to do some stretching too. resting.

Lord willing, I will be back at it tomorrow. And then Run another 5k practice Wed. and then On Friday. Then rest on Saturday for the big day on Sunday.

I took a free day yesterday as well on food and exercise, but I am back at the food part today. Good eating! healthy eating! IT´s for Life, ladies!

I will also be joining up for another challenge  in July that I see even more important than this fitness journey. I will be reading through the Bible in 90 days with Mom´s Of course my fitness journey will not end, but I have been trying and trying to get more disciplined about my Bible reading ie. reading it through in a year, but failing, that I was so excited when I found this blog! She has done several challenges and many many have completed or "graduated" as she puts it. Want to join in? the schedule is there on her blog.

Have a great start to a wonderful week in Jesus,
Dani Joy
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