Friday, October 15, 2010

CCCII starting measurements

This will be a short post since I an trying to do it from my iPod touch. Here are the starting measurements:
weight: 134 lbs.
Bust: 36". 91.5 cm
Chest: 33". 84 cm
Waist: 33". 84 cm
Hips: 39.5". 100.25 cm
R thigh: 22". 56 cm
L thigh: 22.5". 57 cm
R arm: 11.5". 29 cm
L arm: 11". 28 cm

I spent all day today running around getting stuff ready for a 50th anniversary celebration at our church tomorrow for our coworkers. No points for the running since it was done by car & train. Also worked hard in the kitchen but not point worthy... Tomorrow better be my free day foodwise since I do plan to enjoy the day and not obsess over the "diet". I DO plan to start off the day nice and early with a walk/jog... Just me, the Lord, and my iPod telling me when to walk or run.
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