Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Introduction to CCII

Hello Everyone. This is Anne. I am a home ecucating mother of 6 wonderful children ages 4-21. I have been married to my wonderful and godly husband for 22 years. I was able to keep my weight under control with exercise and moderate eating until after my 3rd child was born. I was still well under being obese. I really learned some bad eating habbits when my husband's job took him away from us for two years. He also put on some weight, but not nearly as much as me. I am now way above the obesity level for my short stature. I was encouraged by the Sweating off the Fat when I began to exercise and lost a few pounds and inches. I am joining this with my 18 year old daughter Gen. I am looking forward to the 10 week challenge, but am not ignorant of the challenge with 3 birthdays, Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas baking. But that's why it is called a challenge. I am thankful of Dani Joy's words in the last challenge that I don't need to believe the lie that I will always be fat. We began yesterday with walking a several mile course up and down hills in this beautiful hill country north of San Antonio and I am thankful for the cool morning as we move out of the hot summer. With the Almighty God helping us through this challenge I pray that we will all experience a measure of success so that our temple of the Holy Spirit will be more useful to God in his plan for us to glorily Him.
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