Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Post for a Point

Well, some people will do anything for a reward, so here is my 2nd post this week for a point. I couldn't let the week go by without getting my second point. For all you ladies out there who haven't done any posting, I just want to say that I enjoy reading about you, getting to know who you are (Madridmom, I already know you!), and broadening my horizons. So please get posting! I live on a triangle block in my town where the church where I work is next door, the grocery store is in my backyard, the drug store is across the street along with the bank, dunkin donuts, Boston Market, chinese food and pizza, while the cleaners and Pak Mail are on the other end of the block and my next-door neighbor is our pastor and family. So I don't have to go very far away from home to live my life (except when I go to Europe to visit my good friends). Your posts bring another part of the world to me, and I enjoy getting to know you. Charlie, the sweet potato was pretty good. I won't tell you how I ate it ;-). Dani, I hope your headache went away. Alice, be careful crossing the streets as you walk home from school (uphill both ways). Sherry, stay away from the candy corn! (The candy corn season is almost over). Last week I was looking up a church in Illinois for some information and in reading their list of missionaries, I came across the name Tami Jackson in Siberia, Russia. I had just read a post from Tami J. in Siberia. Could it be one in the same?? These are just a few things I've read about. So much fun crunchin' with you ladies!

So where am I on the crunch? Yesterday afternoon the weather in New England turned warm. So instead of doing my exercising inside, I decided to go walking after work. I have a mile course that I do when I am first starting out, so that was my goal. However, when I got to the halfway point, I knew I could go on. I was looking for the cross street Sunset Terrace and knew that would give me a little more distance. Somehow, I missed it and ended up almost in the center of our town. When I got back the measure was over 2 miles and the sun had set and it was dark. I am going to track my route on the Daily Mile, but haven't got my account or whatever activated yet. I'll figure it out. Thanks for the tip on that one. When I got back home, I did some more inside exercise. Just so you know, I do NOT like to exercise, I would rather be a couch potato, so this everyday exercising has been good for me. Earning points makes me do it. Guess what? I am feeling a lot better, have had way less migraines, am losing a tiny amount, but generally feel great. So I just want to encourage those who struggle with the exercise part, just do it! You will get to the point of enjoying it -- hopefully.

Happy end to week 2. Looking forward to measuring tomorrow morning!
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