Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Usually Mondays are really not anyone's favorite day of the week. Why? We must go back to school, AND to work. Not our most favorite things to do, but they are necessary! The same is true of EXERCISE as well... no one really likes to do it... but we MUST if we are going to be healthy.

This Monday lots of happy sounds were coming from the rooms of our home: singing and pledgeing to the American flag, the washer and dryer going, and my friend Leslie Sansone telling me that She was glad I decided to take a walk today! LOL (I know that was a really bad run-on sentence!!)

I officially started with my workouts today. I am starting with my 1 mile easy walk all this week and will then go from there. I injured my ankle last January with a really bad sprain, this is why I need to go slow. My joints are so weak because of my weight that I'm in pain.

My goals for Shape Into Spring are to: get into a exercise routine, drink water faithfully, cook lighter meals, and to lose at least 10 pounds. I would love to lose more. I am praying for His strength to help me in that area. Thanks ladies for your posts and for being so encouraging.
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