Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Reflections

This weekend I was confronted with carrot cake with cream cheese icing, a steak/potatoes meal, cheese cake, Raclette (a Swiss/French meal of cheese and potatoes--nothing better!!), French bread, cheese, chocolate, cheese, Oreos, cheese, did I mention cheese?  ....

Yet, this morning, I have lost weight!  YIPPEE!

So, how was that possible.  Well, a year ago I would have been confronted with those foods and eaten, felt guilty and gained weight.  Yet this year, I eat, feel no guilt, and lose weight.  HOW?  What is the difference?


A year ago, I felt hopeless about my weight situation.  So, I ate with no control.  I felt guilty enjoying any thing delicious.  I felt guilty savoring the taste.  I felt guilty finding enjoyment in food.  Now, I understand that that is not necessary.  First, God created food.  It is good.  It is good to enjoy it.  It is good to savor it.  It is good to find it delicious.  The difference is whether the food has control of me or if I have control over the food.  I have learned over the past year to have control over my food rather than food having control over me.

THAT is a huge difference.  That enables me to enjoy food guilt-free.  It enables me to eat those high caloric foods on occassion and still lose weight.  The reason is that I eat those foods now with the knowledge that I am in control.  I can eat them and eat a reasonable amount.  I now know how to compensate in other areas when I eat them, and I know how to exercise so that my calories out are still higher than my calories in.

It's really just one simple little lesson. Calories in; calories out!  And I had a 1.5 lb loss this week!

Keep at it, ladies!  It's worth it!
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