Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday dinner

I have decided to stay away from breads and other obvious carbohydrates this whole week (starting today). This is a great sacrifice for me, since whenever I feel hungry, I always go to cereals, fruits, and breads. It would be great to get some points for it, but I am just doing it to show myself I can (it's sort of what smokers do, isn't it). Except I recognize I am hooked on bread. After all, I was born and live in Spain :)

Well, I planned my second supper without cheese, fruit or bread. I took a picture of the shredded vegetables on the pan and had high hopes of posting this recipe. I like plain flavors (no spices), but thinking Charlie and her spiced up recipes, I decided to crush some colorful peppercorns on the veggies. Well, the jar came open somehow and all the peppercorns fell on the vegetables. I spent the next 20 minutes picking peppercorns off the veggies to try to save dinner. They were reproducing like crazy! Well, I used some of the veggies to make pasta sauce for my family--blent in with the tomato sauce and all, they claim it wasn't bad, except when they accidentally would chew on one. My "plain" veggies were not that good. Next time, no spices.

So this is how my recipe ended up in the "humor post". Oh well. . . it's been a while since I couldn't finish my food. As we say here. . .No hay mal que por bien no venga.

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