Friday, April 1, 2011

Changing Tastes

One of the results of the "Nix the Fix" challenge was my change of taste for my morning coffee. I have continued to drink it without any sugar even though that challenge is over. I think after a week of going without, my taste buds adapted, and now I am satisfied with the taste of no sugar. I was pleasantly surprised at the Wednesday weigh-in to find I was down 2 more pounds for a total of 7 since we started. The changes I have made during this challenge have been good. I now can drink the full amount of water without thinking about it, and when I don't drink it I crave it. I can complete an exercise routine without collapsing. I think the challenge has helped me to make some good habits stick. I am really enjoying this journey, and I especially appreciate not having to pay the weekly or monthly Weight Watchers fee which I did a few years ago to do the same thing I am doing now with you ladies. Thank you for the challenge ! For those of you struggling, just keep at it. I am doing so much better this challenge than I did at the last one, and being more consistent. So, keep springing! On, and today is the first day of April but we woke up to a layer of snow on the ground!
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