Monday, June 20, 2011

Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah! We are overwhelmed by God’s mercy!

Hello Everyone,
I am attaching a note of thank to our church family. Yesterday there was a big wild fire that jumped from I 10 west to east I 10 in Boerne. The fire just missed our place by 8 feet. Please read the following. Thanks!

What a Father’s Day yesterday was! We enjoyed a good time of worship, preaching, testimonies, prayers, fellowship and good food at church. While fellowshipping afterward Mr. Horn who had left some minutes earlier returned and told us that the Seargeants’ had phoned him with the news that our RV was on fire! We jumped in our van and drove the 10 miles from church to the park. We were prevented by fire officials from entering the park. Breck and Vance were planning to go cross country to check the status of our RV, but diverted because we saw high flames billowing black smoke within the forests, and loud booms from exploding propane tanks.

We were told to move our car from the site and went down Highway 289 until we were told to move again down I 10. We are so thankful to the Ehlingers’, Shorts’, and Triebs’, who stuck with us, prayed and encouraged us in so many ways.

Breck along with Vance, Ryan Short and Von as well as David Triebs went by foot in separate groups to check the state of our RV, cars, tailor, RV park. Watching from a hill next to I-10 they could see that the grass fires had not reached our RV, but had managed to enter the park and burn trees and possibly other building and RVs. They saw pillars of black smoke wax and wane heralding the consumption of one RV after another, and possibly the central clubhouse and pavilion. We had left our cell phone in the RV and only Richard and Ryan had a phone. Richard managed our platoon of cars with children and wives keeping us from harm of the raging fires. Vance returned to us from the men. Richard and Vance made several attempts to get back to our RV and see the condition of the men. After several hours, he was able to retrieve all of the men and give them water. Vance brought Ryan his camera who verified that our RV and vehicles were all intact.

The Ehlingers graciously invited us to stay in their home until we can re enter the RV Park. We are so grateful to their hospitality and kindness. The Short’s took Breck, Vance and Genevieve back to RV not knowing if they could get into the park. They drove past the various sentries on roads into the area. It was like they just didn’t see them. They passed the road block and no sentry was on duty at the gate to the park. They drove in without any problem and went to our RV. All quickly helped them grab some essentials. A fire marshal showed up soon after and told them to leave immediately as the area was not secure, so they could not get much. Breck was able to get his car and drove down to the Ehlingers.

Breck said that form the look of the burnt land that the fire came across I 10 from the west and burnt a large hill across from our RV then traveled in a valley toward the park. Then, the fire went up the hill toward our RV when it hit a trail that Genevieve had made going to our gardens on the side of the hill. This was a well used trail by our children. The fire had also gone the other side around a large cabin near our RV, up the hill, devastating many RV, a large club house, large pavilion meeting house and the bathroom and laundry room.

We are very grateful for the Seargeants for telling you all to pray for us! We thank you for your prayers! We thank our Sovereign Lord and God who saved our belongings and for the Ehlingers’, Shorts’, and Triebs’, for their prayers and encouragement and help. God gave us the peace that passes all understanding and preserved us very well. We are so thankful for God sending us to BCA and giving us such godly and dear families in Christ!


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