Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Joural Post

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad to be back with you. I am sorry I didn't finish out the last challenge. God in his providence moved us back to the southwest mountain home. My husband's job was going to move us from the beautiful hill country north of San Antonio to Ft Wroth, Texas and at the last minute they moved us here. We didn't have inter net or phone for 3 weeks. We really miss our church family and have a very small church here that is quite liberal compared to the church we left and miss. We went back to San Antonio last weekend for vacation and were refreshed.

I usually do well loosing weight when I decide to do it on my own. I had planned to do the Liver Cleansing diet by Dr Sandra Cabot. A good friend recommended it to me and I started it on Tuesday, yesterday. What a blessing it is to do a 30 challenge with my 8 week liver cleanse. I had a pivotal birthday in November and am at 187.8#. I need to loose weight now before I begin having the bad medical problems associated with obesity. Thank you Dani Joy for not giving up on me.

My sweet daughter Gen is doing the challenge also. She is a great help and inspiration to me. I taught her sound nutrition and she kept with it while I reverted back to bad habits.

I woke up early with the strong winds banging things around outside. I went outside and decided to jump on the trampoline in the dark. I jumped for 1 hour! I had only jumped a little yesterday and the day before. I drank a qt of water with half a lemon in it and had a half of grapefruit for breakfast while making pancakes for the children. I was very hungry by lunch and had a salad and some salmon. For dinner I had a veggie soup with onion, garlic, broccoli and beats. I also drank a second quart of water with lemon. I can't have any cow milk, cheese, beef, or butter. The liver cleansing diet is easy at the beginning and end since you can have eggs and chicken. It 4 week middle phase is only fish, veggies, nuts, fruit. It is a little more complicated than that. I wasn't going to start this 8 week cleanse until February, but we don't have a source of Raw cow milk yet here and I decided to do it now. Yesterday was easy and today a bit harder. Please pray for me as I pray for you. I gave away the fudge with without milk and cheese I should do well.

1 pt exercise 1 hour
1 pt journal post
1 pt No sugar
1 pt fruit plate
1 pt for 2 qts water
5 points total for today

Annie L
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