Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ladies it´s was a tie on the voting! wow! Ok well...

Tomorrow - STARTING WEEK 2 Day 8 - Changes will be made. Please read all.

1. NO Sugar added means - NO SWEETS NO deserts for 1 point

2. 1pt for every post and only 1 post per day for points. YOu may post as much as you would like though. ;) 

3. On that post you may back post only 1 days points. So you may post everyother day if that works for you. ( a bit of a compromise on both sides) Please just keep track of your own points and put your totals on each post. I allowed a few grace days already so if you had a missed day please go ahead and add those points on to tomorrow´s post. 

All other points stay the same. Good competition is fun and keeps many motivated. Please have fun and keep on. It is all about healthy habits and encouraging each other. 

Thanks for all your imput. Love it! Love you, Ladies!

Dani Joy
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