Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do you want to Sweat off some Fat?

SWEATIN OFF THE FAT 2014 fitness challenge is for you!  

Total of 5 points a day.
1pt - 30 min cardio or weight training
1pt- 30 min free low impact or high impact cardio or weight training
1pt - 1 liter water
1pt - post / journal on fb page
1pt- HEP following your healthy eating plan. No cheating. Set your plan in your first journal.
Keep track of volume and weight lost for additional prizes.

To sign up, comment here. If you want to invite other ladies please include their fb names so I can invite them. Share this with your friends. Let's keep healthy and fit for God's glory.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Challenge!

Well, Ladies! Are you up for a new challenge? 

Here‘s what I am doing. I have 15 weeks before I go to the States. I will break it up into 3 intensive 30 day challenges! Starting week 1 on February 10. 

Our goal is to check in once a week! That's all. Let us know what you are doing. Let us know how we can encourage you, and in doing so, you encourage others too. 

At the end of each 30 days all those who have checked in and have met their own personal goals, will be eligable for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. (Amount to be disclosed later)

Check in must be by Sunday night your time every week. You may check in anyime during the week, though. I will keep track of those who check in every week. We check in on our facebook private fitness page HERE

If you are joining in, please comment below or ask to be invited to the fb page. Invite others too. You may start now or later in the week.

My personal goals are
1. to spend alone time with JESUS every day, PRAY.
2. Exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes or more.
3. Eat clean 6 days - No sugar, No white flour.

Hope you will join me.
Springing into Shape
~ Dani

Friday, November 22, 2013

PHASE 3 Crunching and Competing

Crunch it and Compete! It´s a great way to keep motivated on your fitness journey. It's not a diet. It's not a short fad. It's your life, and you want to be healthy. Why not have fun doing it? 

We are in our third phase of our Christmas Crunch fitness challenge, but this doesn´t mean you can´t join in now. We will be giving a prize out at the end of this phase too. If you pay the $5 sign up fee you can work toward a $10 gift certificate during this phase along with everyone else. 

It is our 3rd phase!!! We should be crunching it more, Ladies, not letting up. Those who have been at it from the beginning phase, are eligable for an over all prize! It´s a great way to motivate and encourage. 

We also have a facebook group. You DON´T have to be competing to participate. We post at least four times a week, encouraging each other, posting our goals, our workouts, our healthy eating plans, inspiration, and even humor! So please, come on and join in the fun! Fitness is fun, ladies, when we you do it together.

All the information you need is in the Point System on the side bar and the start up document on the facebook page. 

So, don't wait till the new year to get stared. We have a 30 day challenge that's just right for you! Come check it out. 

Crunching it, 

Dani Joy

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Your Best or Bust!

If you are comparing yourself with anyone else but yourself and God's best for you, you are running the possibility of disgust, depression, and derailment.  

This can come in many forms and facets in your life. Let me explain.

 Today, I was re-reading a blog post by Domestic Fringe (our very own Tricia) on how to have a good blog. She posted this picture. I took it to heart. We so often compare ourselves. We compare our blogs, our writing, and our work, but we also tend to compare our bodies, diets, and fitness plans too. 

We must read and learn. We must learn to get better. So where is the problem, here? 

I have struggled with this on a small scale, looking to blog better, looking to be in better shape and all of a sudden not wanting to blog anymore, or workout anymore, thinking I will never atain. This is when learning transforms into comparing. (maybe we can say coveting) 

Comparing then leads to disgust with yourself. This will not help you atain your best.

This will then lead to depression, feeling bad about yourself.

And the last step is derailment. You are now out of commission.

 Let's  backtrack. 

It all stemmed from comparing yourself with someone who is not you nor what God would even intend for you to be. For example, I love Tricia's blog! I love learning from her experiences, but I will never be like Tricia. I mean just look at the facts, my thighs are bigger, and I am far shorter than she. These are just unchangable variables. Seriously, though, I won't ever write like she does, but that doesn't stop me from blogging. She may never like to exercise as I do, but does that mean she stops exercising?  

Silly? Right?

But, I am guilty.

I will however, compare myself with my best. I will push myself to be what God wants me to be. I will prayerfully ask God to give me strength to keep on this fitness journey.  Who's with me?

Here is a picture of me in 2010 about 8 pounds slimmer. I love this picture.

 Take a mental picture of a picture of yourself, pray, and then get working for your best!

Dani Joy

Friday, November 15, 2013

Breaking Up With My Skinny Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the thinnest girl of all?”

The day I lost my skinny mirror, my life shattered.

Ok, maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but STILL!

Once, my mirror reflected my lumps and bumps as straight lines and smooth surfaces.  I loved this mirror almost as much as I loved my shaper pantyhose.  During certain ghastly times when I was feeling bloated, I’d run upstairs and sneak a glance.  Even my fat outfits would look slim-lined in this mirror.

My family knew this was mommy’s mirror, a treasure to be guarded.  If ever there were a fire, someone else had better grab the scrapbooks, because one of my arms would carry a child and the other, my mirror.

Each day I would leave the house full of confidence and with an air of pride.  I was looking good, and I knew it.  My beloved mirror would never lie.

Until one day I offered to redesign my church’s boring nursery.  The toddler’s were screaming, because of the lack of color, texture, and toys.  With help from a friend, I hung orange and white checkered curtains, plastered bright and vibrant bugs all over the walls, decorated with puppets, and hung a mirror horizontally at a two year-old’s eye level.

Since I knew hanging anything with glass is tricky business, I recruited my husband to help.  His experience is vast, including chandeliers, outdoor lights, and my skinny mirror.  I never once considered that he could shatter the look of my hips with one swing of the hammer, but the unfortunate happened – the frame broke.  My husband looked to me and said, “Do you have another mirror?”

My head spun through the options…I could run to Wal-Mart, but I’m out of time and money…I could call everyone I know within a two-mile radius and see if they have a mirror…

“How about the mirror that is hanging in our bedroom?  We could trade it for this broken one.” My husband suggested, interrupting my thoughts.

I gasped.  My heart skipped a beat and my hand came automatically to my mouth.
“Not my skinny mirror.” I pleaded.

After my husband made me feel the guilt of breaking ten children’s hearts, I sacrificed my mirror on the altar of poopy diapers.  I am convinced not one of those two-year old’s appreciates seeing his thin face as much as I did seeing my thin hips.

I lost my skinny mirror and that is why I am on a diet.

That is why I am hungry.
That is why I am cranky.

Quick, somebody get me a new mirror!

Crazy as it sounds, this story is 100% true.  Instead of relying on a warped mirror, I so much rather work to be healthy and fit on the inside as well as on the outside.

Stay Fit on the Inside

  • Read your Bible and Talk to God
  • Be Thankful
  • Eat Right
  • Drink Water
  • Guard your Mind

Say Fit on the Outside

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Relieve Stress
  • Laugh
  • Enjoy this Beautiful Life
Besides, I want to see myself for the woman God made me to be.  I am loved, a child of almighty God.  I am redeemed, a joint heir with Christ, a victor.  I can do all things because of the one who lives within me.

How about you?  
Are relying on a false image of yourself, or do you see yourself as God sees you?  
What are you doing to stay fit on both the inside and the outside?