Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ugh :(

I'm getting frusterated... I'm sweatin but nothing is coming off... I really need to get a tape measure to take my measurements. I've been holding firm at this weight for 2 weeks I would just like to nudge the scale a little...
However I have met my short term goal of being able to swim a half mile, honestly I'd have to say I'm a 12 lap swimmer and God gives me the determination for last 6 laps.
I can also feel my ab muscles now (under a smaller layer of fat:). It was funny when I first noticed it, it was almost like when I was preggers I took hubby's hand and said "feel this" I was so excited.
I know I still have a long journey but until I joined this challenge I'd never hit 3 miles in one day. Since joining,I have gone 1.5 miles on stair climber 1 mile on treadmill followed by a half mile in the pool on 2 different days.... Thanks Dani for inviting and encouraging me...God Bless


Nina in Portugal said...

Rock On Catherine!!

Don't worry so much about the scale...measuring will certainly help to encourage you.

I remember the first time I noticed my small little muscle in my was only a few months ago. I was all the time flexing for my husband and children! My kids would just laugh at me and my hubby would reach over and flip the flabby part underneath my arm, and say, "What about this part?!"

My husband....he keeps me humble!

Way to go!! keep it up....sweatin' with ya....
Nina - Former Fat Lady

Ketty said...

Catherine, sometimes we have the same weight even up to 4 weeks, it has happen to me even if I exercise. So, don´t worry, keeup up with the exercise and all the diet tips Dani gives us.

Sweating with you


Sarah K said...

Way to go! You are doing awesome with the exercise!

Dani Joy said...

Yay, Cathy on the 3 miles!! YOu are doing great with the working out! I am soo excited for you and the swimming goal too. give it time though to increase your stamina. I took me about a half a year to hit the Kilometer mark. 20 laps.

Also about the scales not budging.. I know how you feel on that one.. Can I give you some pointers? They are just some things that have worked for me and of course they might not work for everyone.
1. Drink 2 liters of water daily
(and stay away from too much salty foods that retain that water)
2. eat very light at night. (the nights I kept my eating to a salad and yogurt with some protein thrown into the salad I lost weight)
3. Eat ever 4 hours. (healthy snacks like we have been talking about)

Like you said the short term goals are so rewarding!!

We are cheering you on!
Sweatin it with ya,
Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Nina, How funny about the flabby part under our arms! I am sure that is even firming up with those push ups you are doing!! ;) whoo hoo!

I got some really good ones I do for those triceps! they are so tough and burn but boy do they work! Praying to be able to work out with you one of these days. ;)


~Catherine~ said...

Thanks Ladies I appreciate the encouragement I made it to 13 laps before God had to cary me today (still made my 18 :) and I know I really should drink more water but it's so... blah,water I have been drinking more of it though. I could probably swim further if i did it first but swimming is my "pleasure" exercise so I save it as my reward for hitting the cardio hard :) I did my workout early today so I'm hoping the boys will let me talk them into going to the Y again tonight so I can do some "extra"
Dani the eating tips are great that is a big struggle for me eating in regular intervels like today I had Coffee, a glass of chocolate silk (light) for breakfast then hit the gym by the time I was done working out I was starving so I ate too much for lunch I think I may havve to set a snack alarm or something...I've been keeoing pretty much only healthy snacks around for a while now so it's often not what I eat but how much...
and Nina that's so funny after a work out earlier this week I was in the hot tub with a woman who was seriously obese and we were talking about swimming she said she had lost 40 lbs in a year and if she could lose 40 more she'd be able to fly and pointed to the sagging skin from where she had already lost... she was so confident she could do it I realized I can too :D

Dani Joy said...

I totally know what you mean Cathy about after a workout wanting to eat. Especially after swimming. We def. have to fill up. have you tried some protien after a workout? Do you like soft cheeses like cottage cheese? there is a cheese here that I eat a lot and it´s similar to cottage cheese only not lumpy. It´s smooth. Great stuff. I also take a protien suppliment so not to chow after a workout, but I know those can get expensive. But if you can get some get them with low carb.

Way to go doing the cardio first! You are doing great. I know, I would do less laps having done a jog or eliptical first. Keep sweatin it! That cardio is the best and swimming!

We are all with ya!
Dani Joy