Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ugh :(

I'm getting frusterated... I'm sweatin but nothing is coming off... I really need to get a tape measure to take my measurements. I've been holding firm at this weight for 2 weeks I would just like to nudge the scale a little...
However I have met my short term goal of being able to swim a half mile, honestly I'd have to say I'm a 12 lap swimmer and God gives me the determination for last 6 laps.
I can also feel my ab muscles now (under a smaller layer of fat:). It was funny when I first noticed it, it was almost like when I was preggers I took hubby's hand and said "feel this" I was so excited.
I know I still have a long journey but until I joined this challenge I'd never hit 3 miles in one day. Since joining,I have gone 1.5 miles on stair climber 1 mile on treadmill followed by a half mile in the pool on 2 different days.... Thanks Dani for inviting and encouraging me...God Bless
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