Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 5- Jan 8 Sunday

Oh I post it on FB. So I was on time there. I am not just re posting it here for those who don´t have FB

Day 5 Jan. 8 Sunday
GO TEBOW!!! I had to stay up to watch the Broncos game. Never been a Bronco fan in my life till Tebow became a bronco. lol. We followed him in Florida. I prayed for him and Thank God for His Testimony! 

ok.. now for my points. LOL

1 pt - water
1 pt - fruits and veggies
.5 pt - exercise- I walked 40 min. actually to and from church.
0 pt - no sugar - I am not sure if I ate sugar or not because I had chinese food and some other things that I wasn´t sure if it had sugar in it or not.
1 pt - post

I almost got a pound off. My body is being stubborn. It has gotten use to this level of exercise so I have to really push it to change things up.

Day Total -3.5 pts

Over all total - 22
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